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The killing joke (part 2)

The rebellious spirit in you and me / The Lightbringer

Which intelligence gave geometry, / Binary system, complex cycles of astronomy? / Number, proportion, measurement, light, / Angle, mathematics all appeared overnight!

Darwin's evolved chimpanzee – lies / Designed and built the pyramids honestly – lies / You're asking me to wager my soul – lies / On that which I doubt the most – lies / That the Virgin Mary was impregnated by the ghost - more lies

Who could cut with laser precision / Make perfect incision into the hardest rock? / Who could lift one block of stone that weights four jumbo jets? / Yes your intuition will tell you best

Who is the symbol of the serpent snake? / Who gave us knowledge of medicine? / Who knew precisely the earth diameter? / Who modified our bestial character?

Civilizer initiator liberator o enlightener - come

Killing Joke, “Lightbringer”

And 3) Is Jaz Coleman the descendent of the reptile men from outer space?

Of all of Jaz Coleman's subjects of study, one of the ones I'm most interested in is his investigation in the field of alternative history and secret history. The lyrics of “Lightbringer”, with its references to alien intervention, are one of the most direct reflections of his beliefs regarding this matter in the KJ body of work. Says Coleman:

I always felt that there was something wrong with our current notion of history. Whilst I certainly don’t go along with Charles Darwin’s ideas I am not a creationist. I’m an interventionist, which is to say that I believe we have been genetically altered and that the Sons of God referred to in Genesis were another civilisation outside of our world. Francis Crick (the Nobel Prize winning discoverer of DNA) also believes in this idea of directed transpermia, that we have been seeded or developed by another civilisation.

If the Crick reference needs further explanation: in the 60s, this molecular biologist interested in the origins of the genetic code, speculated about possible stages by which an initially simple code with a few amino acid types might have evolved into the more complex code used by existing organisms. At that time, everyone thought of proteins as the only kind of enzymes, as ribozymes wouldn't be found until the 80s. Many molecular biologists were puzzled by the problem of the origin of a protein replicating system that is as complex as that which exists in organisms currently inhabiting Earth. In the early 1970s, Crick speculated about the possibility that the production of living systems from molecules may have been a very rare event in the universe, but once it had developed it could be spread by intelligent life forms using space travel technology, a process he called “Directed Panspermia”.

"In accordance with certain recent interpretations of Sumerian mythology, modern man was created by crossing Anunnaki DNA with that of genetically modified humans, with the purpose of using them as a work force to dig for gold."

There are different versions of the theory about alien intervention in the history of mankind, but the one Coleman subscribes to is the most extended one, rooted in Sumerian mythology. The explication would be as follows. In 1847, legendary archaeologist and adventurer Sir Austen Henry Layard uncovered 22,000 clay tablets of cuneiform writing in the ruins of Nineveh. The origins of and subject matter on the tablets were very diverse, some of them dating back 5000 years, but an important part of them - dating back to 1750 BC - were religious texts about the Sumerian theory of the origins of human kind, which talks about the intervention by the Anunnaki, deities that have later been reinterpreted as alien life-forms. The Anunnaki (“those of royal blood”), a group of Sumerian deities originally associated with heaven, also appear in “Enuma Elis”, the Babylonian creation myth, found by Layard as well, in the ruins of the Library of Ashurbanipal. According to certain comparatists, they are the same reptilian beings as those mentioned a few times in the Bible.

The Sumerian intervention myth is echoed in the Bible, according to many, as well as in the Jewish creation myth. “If you go back to the first book of the Bible, Genesis, which of course means the 'genes (or DNA) of Isis', there's this famous part in it (chapter 6, verse 8) which says: 'There were giants in the Earth in those days and when the sons of God came into the world, great men were born, men of renown' ”. The giants from the Bible are, of course, the Nephilim, the Hebrew version of the Anunnaki. Coleman concludes:

I do believe that the 'sons of God' were certainly another race of beings, who didn't necessarily have Homo Sapiens's best interests at heart. Do I believe that man has been genetically modified in the past? Yes, I do. If you look at that line: 'The sons of God came in unto the daughters of man" and "great men were born, men of renown,' I think this says it all, then you see the bloodline and my continued commitment to this line of thinking, spiritually and in every way, is no secret.”

In accordance with certain recent interpretations of Sumerian mythology, modern man was created by crossing Anunnaki DNA with that of genetically modified humans, with the purpose of using them as a work force to dig for gold. One of the big followers of that theory was cuneiform writing expert Zecharia Sitchin. The theory postulates that the Earth's gold was coveted by an advanced civilisation of inter-dimensional beings, the Anunnaki, descendants of the heavenly God Anu, who, in order to get it, created the human race. Apparently, the Anunnaki were experts in the matter of genetics, and they created different human prototypes, until they obtained the Homo Erectus, who they then crossed with the royal bloodline in order to create Homo Sapiens. According to the legend, this was done when Anu's son, Enki, mated with two human females. At a later stage, other beings of royal blood mated with humans, and the humans continued to work in the gold mines. In this mythology, Sumerian God slash alien Enki (commonly translated as “Lord of the Earth”) would be a benefactor for human kind, granting them information his brother Enlil wouldn't, such as astronomical, mathematical and architectural knowledge. Coleman talks about Enki as the “Lightbringer”, in the song of the same name:

We also have to take into consideration that the 'lightbringer' in Christian terminology is Lucifer, but if you look at the mystery traditions, it's completely the opposite. If you look at the image of Adam and Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden, the snake is never fully explained. It is of course a character called Father Enki, who basically took pity on Homo Sapiens and gave them autonomy. This is really the occult definition of this entity called "Shaitan", it is not a negative connotation, he's the one who gave us numbers, proportion, measurement and angles, mathematics, farming, medicine. None of these things, especially mathematics and the binary system, evolved, they appeared overnight. These are the facts. If you look at the Great Pyramid alone, you can see there's 22 blocks and each block weighs 4 Jumbo jets. There are only 2 cranes in the world that can lift this. However bad you might see the world, this entity gave man the choice of good or evil.

The particular composition of the Anunnaki's gold was key for the control of all universal knowledge, which is why those royal beings continuously deprived the humans of the information. When the gold reserves ran out, most of the Anunnaki left Earth, though, supposedly, some of them stayed behind, looking for more gold in the centre of the planet, and some still visit our world, using their native planet Nibiru as a means of transportation.

"The consumption of monatomic gold supposedly multiplies the nervous system's capacity by 10,000. This would allow a person to process fabulous amounts of information"

The Anunnaki made sure that, as human kind progressed, their human stock was protected with greater wealth and better opportunities, while the lower humans remained a “work force”. Today, many interventionists who follow the Sumerian theory believe that the Anunnaki are still controlling Earth through the Illuminati, a very small elite group of millionaires that controls the monetary system, scientific investigation, world population, and so on. The Anunnaki thesis provides answers to a series of questions, such as the creation of the pyramids, the astronomical knowledge of ancient societies and the prophecies related to those subjects, as well as the origins of alchemy.

However, how do they explain the Anunnaki's interest in gold? Apparently, gold, with it conductive properties, was crucial to them because they used it to repair the atmosphere of their planet, Nibiru, as well as to change shape and teleport themselves. At this point, the friendship and collaboration between Jaz Coleman and writer Laurence Gardner, fed into the latter’s work on “Lost Secrets Of The Sacred Ark” (2003) – where he postulated the crucial link between the Anunnaki gold, superconductors and quantum physics. Coleman wrote the three-piece musical suite “Music Of The Quantum” as a tribute to and musical translation of the concepts in Gardner's book.

In “Lost Secrets Of The Sacred Ark”, Gardner claims the Ark of the Covenant was a device to make “monatomic gold”, a substance that forms the basis of an ancient science that could now revolutionise such diverse fields of knowledge as medicine, space travel and teleportation. According to Gardner, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, as well as several inscriptions in the pyramids, refer to a hyper-dimensional realm called the Field of Mfkzt, an extra-dimensional, heavenly place where the pharaohs went after their death, only accessible through the initiation and ingestion of the substance called mfkzt. Taking concepts of modern physics, Gardner postulates that mfkzt (or monatomic gold, an “exotic” superconductive substance made from normal gold and platinum, subject to modern studies in the field of quantum mechanics) was the secret of the pharaohs' passage to the Other World, a superconductive energy field of high-spin metallurgy.

It's this monatomic gold, and not normal gold, the Sumerian tablets were referring to when talking about the gold mines, unless normal gold as used to create the monatomic variety. That substance, a white powder, granted the Anunnaki incredible abilities to process information and change shape, thanks to the astonishing amounts of energy they could contain and process. The consumption of monatomic gold supposedly multiplies the nervous system's capacity by 10,000. This would allow a person to process fabulous amounts of information, like a super computer, and to consciously move between different dimensions and shapes, as the brain would be activated to open those vast, unknown areas. Monatomic gold supposedly also possessed incredible healing powers.

"The superconductor knows no limits with regards to the stocking of energy, nor to the energy it can transmit to any distance"

Gardner links these indications of an ancient science with modern quantum physics, according to which particles that are millions of light years apart can connect without having physical contact. When two superconductors connect through their Meissner fields, at any distance, they can both act instantly in a process called quantum coherence. With two given particles in a coherent state and separated by a great distance, any change in one particle - for instance, its state of spin - is immediately communicated to the other, without the impossibility of communicating faster than the speed of light being of any importance. The superconductor knows no limits with regards to the stocking of energy, nor to the energy it can transmit to any distance, and a monatomic superconductor could (at least according to some quantum investigations posterior to the 90s) become the perfect and most ecologically viable source of energy. It's no coincidence that Jaz Coleman's brother, Piers, is a professor in quantum physics at Rutgers University, and linked to the creation of the piece “Music For Quantum”, as he is an expert in the field of superconductors.


In his last books, from “The Twelfth Planet” to “The End Of Days”, the recently passed away Zecharia Sitchin (apparently one of the most notorious followers of the Anunnaki intervention theory), said that Nibiru, the planet this alien species comes from, has a trajectory that crosses that of Earth every few hundred years. Furthermore, he suggested that this cross is used by the aliens to visit and leave our planet. Unfortunately, he also claims that in 2012, Nibiru (also known as Planet X or Nemesis) will collide with the Earth, thus finishing off the human race. The references to the end of the world are all over Killing Joke's new record, eloquently titled “MMXII” ( “Pole Shift” alludes to the change of the rotational axis caused by the passage of a heavenly body close to our planet, which, according to several hypothesis, will extinguish the human race; “The Rapture” refers to the moment prior to Armageddon in the Christian eschatological tradition, already mentioned in the Second Epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians). As I said in the first chapter, the tour of this album, which, if Sitchin and the Mayans were right, will be Killing Joke's last, commemorates and serves as the preparation for this event. Therefore, not attending any of these concerts out of laziness, or leaving it for later, is simply not an option.

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