The Best Videos Of July According To PlayGround

The month’s audio-visual crop, summarised in a selection of ten essential clips

We’re going over the ten most outstanding videos in July: the most original, with the greatest impact, the most seductive, from 10 to 1. We start off with Liars and count down to Justice.

Having made our way into August, the time has come to review the best things that have happened in recent weeks as far as video clips go. Here is the chart of July’s best clips according to PlayGround, along with our comments, counting down from 10 to 1.

10. Liars: “Brats”

Brats” is the second single taken from the recent “ WIXIW” (Mute, 2012) by Liars. The video of the track maintains the macabre vibe of the "No.1 Against the Rush" video, but this time it's a digital animation about the game of cat and mouse between a hunter and his prey, an anthropomorphic rabbit. While in the first clip the band members were the victims, here they are the merciless executioners, or at least they try to be, with all their might.


9. Sigur Rós: “Rembihnútur”

After the chronicle of passions and dependence (and not only in love) thought up by Alma Har'el for “FJögur Píanó” , Arni & Kinski choose to reflect scenes of contemplation and seclusion in their video for Rembihnútur, the fourth chapter of Sigur Rós "Valtari Mystery Film Experiment". It’s not very clear whether the people who appear in the video are reflecting, meditating, praying, crying inside, or just relaxing (we’d say there’s a little of all of that), but they all share at least two features: they always appear with their eyes closed and always alone.


8. Ceephax Acid Crew: “Mediterranean Acid”

This shit is so sublime that words almost fail us: imagine that a gypsy, Omar Souleyman and Sven Väth had formed a band like Kraftwerk in 1988, with its headquarters on the island of Mykonos. And now, imagine that for the video to their big summer hit they hire the fellow who makes the signs for the Shopping Channel. The other star, of course, is the green screen. Now, for this whole trashy fantasy, make a single man (what the hell, a great man!) responsible: Andy Jenkinson, the person who hides behind the alias Ceephax Acid Crew, Squarepusher’s weird brother.

7. The Alchemist: “Flight Confirmation [ft. Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q]”

If you feel like getting out of bed and having a cup of coffee to a delirious video clip, we propose that you put this “ Flight Confirmation by The Alchemist with Danny Brown and Schoolboy Q on repeat play. Directed by Jason Goldwatch, the piece offers a series of crazy shots starring a variety of the trashiest pop culture figures, such as Boba Fett, Homer Simpson, Yo-Landi Vi$ser, Willy Wonka and Mark Renton from “Trainspotting”, among many others. You can also see blokes banging on MPCs, tits and asses bouncing up and down, and plenty of memes.

6. Capablanca + T. Keller: “Acido”

Spanish DJ and producer based in Berlin Hugo Capablanca and his studio partner T. Keeler have just released “ Ácido”, their second single on Gomma. The title track is a cosmic disco odyssey that comes with a suggestive video directed by Tanja Siren. As they say themselves, the video is “ reminiscent of Jodorowski's films and magic and Maya Deren's universe; it unfolds as a suggestive ritual, where lucid dreams, reality and reincarnation as kittens might end up being the very same thing.


5. Lil Wayne featuring Big Sean: “My Homies Still”

Humans turned into animals, disturbing manikins, skeletons that come to life, a pink elephant... The list of WTFs in Lil Wayne’s new video is longer than the list of the government’s budget cuts. And the feelings that it leaves reminds one of the paranoid fantasies that Hype Williams created for Busta Rhymes in "Gimme Some More". In "My Homies Still", directed by Parris, there is also an American neighbourhood plagued with oddities.

4. Twin Shadow: “Patient”

As was announced, the showy clip for “Five Seconds” was just the first episode in a series that will unfold over the coming months. The series is inspired by “Night Of The Silver Sun”, a novel written by George Lewis Jr. and his friend Eric Green. Green has told us that the third episode is going to be spectacular, but today it’s time to watch the second one. The adventures


3. Passion Pit: “I'll Be Allright”

We really hope you'll never find yourself in the situation of the security guard in the video for “I’ll Be Alright”, the winner of a clip contest organised by Passion Pit through Self-medication can be risky, and it could turn you into a dangerous lunatic. And what's worse, you could even end up as a horn dog, committing unspeakable acts you will regret the rest of your life. You don't believe us? Press play and you'll see.


2. Spiritualized: “Little Girl”

Spritualized's Jason Pierce seems to want all his videos to look like films. It happened with the clip for Hey Jane, and he does it again with “ Little Girl”. In this case, the piece tells the story of a young girl (played by Chesca Miles, one of the UK's best stunt riders), who decides to run away from home, stealing her dad's bike and money. The video was directed by Vincent Haycock in Eisenhüttenstadt, a village on the border between Germany and Poland.

1. Justice: “New Lands”

The Barcelona production team Canada are responsible for the idea, the production and the direction of this clip, a big-budget cinema-like fantasy shot in Barcelona that portrays a new hybrid sport, a tense game that resembles a futuristic and ultra-violent version of American football with some elements of baseball, hockey, jai alai... you name it. If you liked “Escape From New York”, “Rollerball” and “Any Given Sunday”, you’re sure to like this too; they all come to mind while watching this dangerous game.

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