The Best EPs Of July According To PlayGround

Our monthly selection of 12”s and other short-format recordings

Once more, we’ve selected ten EPs that stood out from July’s crop. You will discover them in a countdown to the highest-ranking positions. Which one will carry off the accolade?

Like every month, we are reviewing what the PlayGround staff judge to be the ten most outstanding EPs of the month. Short-format music that nevertheless has the same impact and importance of that released on LP. Here are our chosen releases, counting down from 10 to 1.

10. Om Unit: “Aeolian EP” (Civil Music)

Om Unit lowers the speed of the beats, but not their density: at his sweetest moment, he knows how to weave elements of IDM, cosmic keyboards, trap and footwork into a vibrant, futuristic tapestry that moves to the beat of the most powerful bass. A big one.

9. Nguzunguzu: “Warm Pulse EP” (Hippos In Tanks)

The duo Nguzunguzu muddy their breaks even more with their entry onto the Hippos In Tanks roster, reinforcing the esoteric aura of their electronic constructions: club music with one foot on the urban experimental scene and the other in terror film ambient music.

8. John Roberts: “Paper Frames” (Dial)

“Paper Frames” seems to be the union of two styles: that of the early Tortoise (abundant xylophones, mechanical rhythms, and textures on the verge of silent disintegration) and the teary, almost evaporated house of Lawrence and Pantha Du Prince.


7. Old Apparatus: “Derren EP” (Sullen Tone)

Old Apparatus launch their own label and announce a series of releases in which the group’s sound strategy will be set firmly: very far from dubstep, very close to a type of expressionistic electronica adorned with bass, noise, and a feeling of suspense.


6. Julio Bashmore: “Au Sève” (Broadwalk Records)

Mathew Walker has a gift. He wasn’t born in Chicago, he isn’t black and he is still a post-adolescent with traces of acne, but he has put out some tracks that would make veterans like DJ Pierre, Louie Vega and DJ Sneak jump out of their wheelchairs.


5. Blawan: “Long Distance Open Water Worker” (Black Sun Records)

“Long Distance Open Water Worker” is another techno assault from Blawan that will leave you flabbergasted by the brutality with which he unleashes the beats (before pissing streams of 303 all over them) and the dirtiness of the sound - all filthy, opaque, and meant to cloud your ears.


4. Evian Christ: “Kings And Them ” (Tri Angle)

The Evian Christ EP distributed by Tri Angle digitally at the beginning of the year has now been pressed on vinyl, but with four songs less than expected. Even so, it’s a major work of more melancholy, dragging cloud rap.

3. Disclosure: “The Face EP” (Greco-Roman)

We knew them when they were still the promising teenagers of dubstep and now we come across them again with their first 12” recently released, showing a skilful mastery of the language of deep house. Disclosure mark the present of the London underground.


2. Joy Orbison: “Ellipsis EP” (Hinge Finger)

Hinge Finger releases Joy Orbison’s anxiously-awaited “Ellipsis”, one of the tracks to raise the greatest ruckus in recent months. And with reason. From the peculiar vocal sample to the god-like pianos, it’s an instant classic from head to toe.


1. TNGHT: “TNGHT EP” (Warp-LuckyMe)

Hudson Mohawke and Lunice collaborate as TNGHT, to forge five club bangers that start from Southern hip hop and evolve in a demented spiral with bouncy grime bass and trippy sounds. This project must go on.


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